Shepherds Pathway

As a brand new non profit organization, Carmel Irving was in need of a new logo and business package for each of the mental health professionals operating out of the Shepherds Pathways new facility. Shepherds Pathway is a non profit provider of mental health and counseling needs for members of the Portland community and works with mental health professionals providing an environment for them to practice pro-bono.

Working with a limited budget and knowing future funds for printing would also be limited, we took a conservative approach to each piece, making sure they could be printed in house if needed. Avoiding rigidity while still maintaining a dignified and yet approachable feel, we incorporated the overall philosophies of the organization and expressed them graphically within the logo. Continuing to establish their brand we then integrated those elements into the standard business package, as well as a few special needs items such a prescription pads and a “with compliments” postcard.