Broadway Furniture

After sixty years at the same location, Ken Schleifer, Owner and Manager of Broadway Furniture was looking to update his brand before moving his business across town to a new facility. Community oriented and always wanting to do well by his customers, Ken wanted a brand and logo that would catch the eye of patrons in the new neighborhood but also call back to the roots of where the business started on Broadway in Northeast Portland.

We approached the new logo with strong and obvious imagery calling back to Broadway’s Portland roots. Ken wanted to take his brand and internal marketing in a new direction and emphasize a “Stars on Broadway” spin to add to the well established business name.

We simplified the brand colors to various tones of a single deep blue pantone accented by white and black. Heavy outline strokes give a solid frame and foundation for the Portland city scape background representing the many decades that Broadway Furniture has been doing business in the City of Roses. A slight tilt of the graphics and title head was added to promote movement through the piece and suggest that this business, while well established, is moving forward and ready to meet your modern furniture needs. This clean new aesthetic was then brought through the other pieces of the business package creating a unified branding that previously had been very fragmented.