About Marrow

“Marrow” is a single word that sums up an idea.

The idea that like the bones of a skeleton the right concept can create a foundation, a structure, that delivers the perfect graphic message.

Located in the liquid sunshine capital of Portland Oregon, Marrow offers design and development services in print design, logos and branding, with a style that can best be described as “…kind of jellyfish meets atomic bomb”.

Please take a look at some of the examples on the work page, and feel free to reach out via the contact button and lets talk about what Marrow can do for you

…design is in our bones.

About Bryan

My name is Bryan Wolf and I’m just your friendly neighborhood Graphic Designer, proud to of been able to call Portland Oregon my local stomping ground for the past three decades. I’m happy to be making a living doing something I love, and avoiding the painfully slow death of a career in a cubicle farm lit with pale fluorescent lights and no windows.

Years ago I realized that at the end of the day I wanted something to show for my efforts. Something tangible that I could create and put out into the world. Something that I could look at and say… “Hey, take a look at that. I spent alot of time making it and it looks awesome!” and so graphic design is where I landed.

Always passionate about design but also making time for my other interests, like motorcycles, archery, and dinosaurs, I also appreciate networking with great local people and business. So, that said, lets talk and figure out how to take over the world in a practical, socially responsible, environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing kind of way.

I look forward to meeting you.

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